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Assistant Student Designers:

Romy Beckham '25

Sarah Schlosberg '25

Joaquina Guevara '23

Henry Owens '25

The idea for this project was born from a desire to create something that was both meaningful and wonderous. My students and I spent several weeks researching the impacts that humanity was having on our oceans. Some of it was quite difficult to digest. Despite the knowledge that we already had about human-impact on the oceans, facing the magnitude of the irreparable damage was still shocking. As a team, we wanted to communicate this information in a more visceral experience with the hope that it would cause audiences to reflect more deeply on their role in the process than if they were to simply read an article in an online publication. We can all help in small ways, such as recycling and reducing plastic use, but the real impact will come from legislation that addresses pollution and plastic production on a corporate and industrial level. Please visit some of the resources we have provided below. We urge you to contact your representatives and demand action.

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